"Kill Persin" - Mr.Baby Boy

Odo yo kii person 

You dey cause emergency.. 

Dame love

Make i know if u want to dey with me 

Your matter  self na savaging

 make you kii them with packaging 

Oh baby yeah, yeah 

Oh my baby yeah yeah yeah.. 

Don't leave me runaway 

When u go na big gobe 

Odo u dey burst my brain

Together, we go dey ok

Make u no go Dey far away 

Touch my body,and burst my brain 

Yeah yeah 

The wey e dey do me nah.. If i turn am to water.. E no go full jerican.. 

Black n white.. Like you playing paino 

Yo g_string like my guitar oo

N i want to strike my chord.. 

Hopu say you dey feel me now.. 

Make we flow, make we settle down.. 

Make you come be my sensima 

You ghat the key to my bima.. 

Oh Angelina 

Oh my baby...Yeah yeah

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