"Make Am" - Engr. Aliyu

beats wey i do sweet

se na you talk say i no go fit make am
se na you been talk say i no fit withstand am
i put in work everyday
to make sure i get the pay
now i'm making milli milli milli
dem want to die
i'm getting poper conne (Conne)
i no get time for phone (phone)
engineer is calculating
eyin oya e ma lobe (lobe)
aliyu nwa mama (mama ah)
engineer oku (hey)
nwoke di salam salam (ah)
achorom oku

Verse 1
Aliyu i'm nice and noble (ngwanu)
cool and capable (ezeoku)
everybody puta na gbegwu
join my league and start to dey bubble
you are free to wiggle and wobble
anything you want order for double
come with your mama and papa
i don make am (make am)
my life e don better (better)
edumare has answered answered
all the prayers of my mama (mama)
oluwa fun mi lowo (lowo)
edumare bless me proper (proper)
i have made it in life
i will never suffer suffer

i ball so hard you can call me oga bola
oburo june 12 arrangement no be abiola
enugu ni mo wa ti baba fin gbele kpawo
i enter lagos dem say i dey do fala folo
i take the lead awon boys come dey follow follow
i just dey thank God eyin oluwa logo logo
tikoko tikoko
engineer is the koko
anywhere you go go
na so my music e follow

tikoko tikoko
aliyu is the koko
anywhere you go go
naso my music e follow

hey kpa kam


hey hey
engineer aliyu
2bam on the beat yeah yrah
ignite mix it

atingayo atingayo

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