So when mi tell ya move
Better move like that
Pretty likkle shawty
Why ya do me like that
But everything you do me
mana Do you right back
So when mi push it pon you
Better push it right back

Uju no Dey give wahala
Uju no Dey complain nah
Anytime you call my number
Girl imma be on my way
Swear ya sweeter than
Riceee mi gio gio
No be shito (no) Atarado
How ya body move
fire Pass e koto
Where the control
Me wan fi know
Ah ah ah ah ah ah
Gyal mi love you love you
Love you for a long time
Woaaah ( talk to me gyal)

Shaba !!!

Cooli down cooli down
Pretty gyal cooli down
Yuh carry front Carry back
Be the reason why
you do me like that
Naaaah ion wanna give yuh drama
Ion wanna give you stress na
Why you up in my head ion get it
Nooo ahhhh ah ah
Uhhh ahhh ah ah
Woh woh woh woh ahnn
Gyal mi love you love you
Love you for a long time

start with TVs in a room 
and the plants scene and smoke
export and do the camera movements 
you can put fire behinnd the TVs

when he starts talking in the chorus
show in in about 3 tv screens singing 
and bringing love from his eyes 

the girl making call to him 
then he dives down to her hoouse 
the drive away to the photostudio 

then the chorus again

third verse 
him performing
with crowd
and the girl in the backfround

then chorus

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