Blessings - Kendickson

Blessings - Kendickson

Music got me feeling like the greatest super star you know

Wanna be a legend so I need to put in work you know

Future so bring but I need to flame it up ya know. Eh yeye

Ghetto youth, country Boy I’m all about the Chizz u know

Me no send no body is dollar billz economy 

Every night no sleep same night we dreaming for Good.. oh ohoo 

Afro ragga vibe with the tongue of an African 

Mana preach this gospel like me come from the Vatican 

Hold me please me no body is bader than I ye!

It's gonna be alright ! It's gonna be okay uhh uhh

Is gonna be fineee that’s what my papa said and gave it up 
Rip dad!
Now I’m singing for 
Blessing... I’m singing for blessings 
I’m praying for blessing
I’m pray for more blessings
Every body let’s sing and say eh 
Blessing I’m pray for blessing 
I’m pray for blessing
I’m pray for more blessing 

Oh jah bless me and bless my people too
I know is not easy but you see dey see me through 
bless me oh lord and bless my ppl too oye!

Baba Biko bless me 
And bless my people too 
I know is not easy but u still dey see us through 
Bless me oh lord and bless my ppl too uuu!

Verse 2
E no go easy say we just dey hustle we no dey chop
E no go make sense say we rise we con dey fall
Every day we praying we pray like we want it all

Music sounding magical 
Got me philosophical 
Singing so emotional 
Am going too spiritual
Mystical intentional am singing and am feeling that ye

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